Weight Loss Challenge

This isn’t a weight loss challenge for anyone but myself but I wanted somewhere tangible to track my progress. I had sworn, in January, I was going to do something about my weight because I had lost some (years ago) but have seen a lot of it return. I”m more sluggish and tired. I want to play on my computer rather than hit the gym or exercise at home. I bought a treadmill and, a couple of years later, sold it (VERY gently used!).

So it’s time to stop the excuses and get into a routine. I know what works – I’ve done it before and I know what I have to do -> I just need to do it!

I’ve got some great resources to help me -> a Valerie Bertinelli workout dvd I can’t wait to try and a Hit the Deck workout card pack that is coming soon!

March 1st marks the beginning and I will track faithfully, so LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Weight: 178 pounds

Goal: 130 pounds (48 pounds to lose)

Projected (hopeful) timeframe: 5 monthes

DAY 1 – March 1st
Today was a mixed day. We had meetings all day at work and I managed to avoid most of the snacking, though I did drink a lot of coffee! I found a cookie in my desk but, I’m going to admit, I did eat!

After work, I went to the gym and spent an hour on the exercise bike. I was pleased I did my hour (and got sweaty!) but I need to move on to other machines to burn my calories. I’ll likely start this week with mostly the bike and then expand on it. I did up the intensity to Level 2 (30 minutes) and Level 3 (30 minutes).

I was pretty grumpy at home – not going to lie! I’m hoping I’ll be more cheery once I get more into this!

April 3rd
While it is a month later and I haven’t changed at all! It is my own fault – I haven’t been focused due to some changes at work and the fact when I haven’t been working I have been exhausted!

With the long weekend, however, I am going to head back to the gym tomorrow and see if I head the right way! Now that I’ll be starting a new job in a few monthes I’d like to lose the weight to make a good first impression!